NATURE CONCERTHALL | This year’s event attractions are supplemented due to a rare find in Luznava manor
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This year’s event attractions are supplemented due to a rare find in Luznava manor


This year’s event attractions are supplemented due to a rare find in Luznava manor

During the early hours of 30 May bat researchers have discovered two bat species living in the roof of the Lūznava manor in Rēzekne district – pond bat and soprano pipastrelle (or pygmy pipastrelle). The Nature Concerthall is pleased about this find of rare and protected bat species in Latvia. Thus, the 18 June programme has been supplemented with bat expeditions, however the music/video performance part of the event has been re-located to different location in the town of Lūznava – in a forest-encircled old stadium. This way attendees of the event will be able to enjoy the new find without disturbing them.

The bats were discovered by this year’s head scientist for Nature Concerthall – Viesturs Vintulis and his colleague Normunds Kukārs. The researches made a count and round 22 soprano pipastrelle and 113 pond bats fly out of the Lūznava manor roof.
„This kind of find of bat species is very gratifying and surprising since these rare and sensitive speicies of bat have moved into the building in a very short time after the roof has been fixed. Up until now less than 20 colonies of the pond bat have been found and it has been specially researched due to its special protected status (species from Annex II of the Habitat Directive). Even more importantly, the number of pond bats found in Lūznava manor ir significant — it exceeds the average size of other colonies known in Latvia by two times. The known colony number of the soprano pipastrelli is even smaller “ explains Viesturs Vintulis.

The species discovered are very sensitive to disturbances and therefore, in order to respect one of the largest known pod bat colonies in Latvia the Nature Concerthall team, in consultation with this year’s scientists, determined the need to adapt the event at the Lūznava venue. As every year, the interactive workstations will be held within the territory of the manor park from 19.00 to 22.00. However, after the work stations are closed, in the time from 22.30 to 23.10, there will be an opportunity to participate in bat researcher-led bat excursions. The event finale – the music/video performance has been moved to the old stadium in the town and that will begin at 23.30.

Do not forget your flashlights as the manor park is dark, but please do not shine them directly at the bats! Also remember that the concert occurs in the open air, so please keep in mind the possible presence of ticks.

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