NATURE CONCERTHALL | The ‘Natura 2000’ award ceremony
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The ‘Natura 2000’ award ceremony

The ‘Natura 2000’ award ceremony

On Monday 23 May in Brussels the “Natura 2000” award ceremony took place during which the Nature Concerthall received the prize in the category “Communication”.


“Natura 2000” is a network of protected areas in the European Union which has been established in line with the EU Bird and Habitat directives. The “Natura 2000” prize was awarded in six catergories – conservation, communication, reconciling interests/perceptions, socio-economic benefits, cross-border cooperation and networking and the citizen’s award.


From five nominations in the Communication category, the Nature Concerthall received the prize, as the Jury explained in the award ceremony because of the innovative and successful way in which it combines art, science, music, dance and video in order to raise public awareness on various issues related to nature conservancy and protection.


At the closing of the ceremony, Nature Concerthall musicians – Ingus Ulmanis, Andris Sējāns and Reinis Sējāns performed two compositions from the concert Lathyrus pratensis from 2015 – “Aija jundi rīts” un “Plostbārdis un sienāži”.
Musician Ingus Ulmanis comments on the creative process: “Each year when preparing the music, it is important to understand the ‘hero’ of that year. First the researchers help, then a literary story which is created based on the science and only then does the composition of the music begin. We simply need to listen to and hear the bat or the lichen more than ourselves. This collaborative artistic work is of more and more interest to me each year ….”


The Nature Concerthall concerts are organized annually since 2006. These concerts are free of charge which is possible only because of amazing cooperation with the Nature Conservancy Agency of Latvia, the many volunteers and due to the cooperaiton with municipalities and through the continual support from the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.


The ceremony can be viewed → Here.


© European Union, 2016 / Photo: Jennifer Jacquemart

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