NATURE CONCERTHALL | 2011 : Fucus vesiculosus – music
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2011 : Fucus vesiculosus – music



The album received the Latvian music award for the Best instrumental album in 2011.


Ingus Ulmanis / vocals, keyboards, percussion
Andris Sējāns / vocals, keyboards, wind flutes, recorder, percussion
Rūta Muktupāvela / vocals
Kaspars Tobis / keyboards, accordion, vocals
Aigars Voitišķis / guitar, mandolin
Anrijs Grinbergs / percussion
Valdis Muktupāvels / kokle, bagpipes, pipe, shakuhachi


ambient, experiemental, instrumental, Latvia.


September 30, 2011


More than 10 000 years ago, when the large icebergs were melting, it was impossible to predict what will come and how a new place will be created on this Earth not far from the North Pole. For about a rough thousand years the earth and water competed their strengths and as a result of many catastrophes the isthmus of land that previously joined the continent with Scandinavia, was severed in North Jutland created a crack through which salt water could travel from the West. And that is how the sea with brackish water was developed, which had less of everything than anywhere else – less salt, less flora, less fauna, small nationalities that lived along its shores.


CLOCK AGAINST TIME. In the Baltic Sea currents are counted in the complete opposite direction to that of the clock. It is a clock against time.


SIRENS. In the distance a lighthouse appears. Sirens sound, blown by the forests of the bladderwracks. To the sea’s inhabitants, the lighthouse brings joyous news. Its siren calls them to the festivities of the forest of the sea.


PLANKTONS AND BUBBLES. The bustle had begun already some time before the festivities. Two plankton families argue. The argument is deadly. As they sink to their deaths, bubbles rise to the surface.


SEA MEDIANT. Large and small, sideways and wide-ways, forward and backward, as though the sea were a harmonious mediant – everyone swims to the Festivities of the Forest of the Sea.


SALMONE IN AN AMBER COUCH. The grand event can commence as soon as Queen Salmone arrives, but her many coachmen can’t understand how fast they should go. Delay is unavoidable.


GRAND BLADDERWRACK DANCE. The culmination of the festivities – the Grand Bladderwrack Dance. Fish, sea shells and shellfish, sand and stones, and the water dancefloor – all turn in a dance.

LENGTHY LONGING. The festivities end all on their own. In the sea’s depths there are no paths or signs, thus as soon as the musical sounds cease, the festive swirl clears.


THE WIND AND HARP. Even after 10 000 years, no one can predict the outcome of how this place not far from the North pole is to be created. Two different breaths search for one rhythm between inhalation and exhalation, between high tide and low tide, because neither land, nor sea knows not how else to breath.