NATURE CONCERTHALL | 2011 : Fucus vesiculosus
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2011 : Fucus vesiculosus



Fucus vesiculosus, the bladderwrack is common brown seaweed growing off shores of the Northern Atlantic and the connected seas. In the Baltic Sea bladderwrack forms one of the most valuable habitats providing food, shelter and breeding place for many sea animals, including herring. Bladerrwrack suffers of low water salinity and, especially, of increasingly turbid water caused by pollution from agriculture and human settlements. As a ‘hero’ of the nature concert hall bladerrack evoked a captivating narrative about the Baltic Sea, its environment, its natural values and the threats to its ecosystem.
The meadow vetchling is found not only in natural meadows and pastures. She has learnt to adapt to life in sown pastures, roadsides and along fields and forests. A large number of plants from natural meadows have not been successful in adapting in this way and these plants (milkwort, lesser butterfly orchid, maiden pink, shingled gladiolus and other) diminish in numbers around us. Natural meadows and pastures cover only 0.7% of Latvia’s territory and this area reduces even more as natural meadows are left unattended or are ploughed, forested, used for building development, etc.


Venue: Nīca parich near the Pūsēnu sand dunes on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Venue: Mērsrags, in the sand dunes on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

From 20:00
Interactive workstations

From 21:30
Stories and poetry

From 22:30


POETRY: Pēters Brūveris
STORIES: Andris Andrušaitis, Solvita Strāķe
NATURE DJ: Eduards Švāns
PRODUCER: Roberts Rubīns
MUSIC: Aigars Voitišķis, Andris Sējāns, Ingus Ulmanis, Kaspars Tobis, Anrijs Grinbergs, Rūta and Valdis Muktupāvels.



PhD, serves as a programme Manager at the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme BONUS. He was director of Latvian Institute of Aquatic ecology and head of department of Hydrobiology at University of Latvia.

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Is a PhD, leading scientist at Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology. She is Latvia’s main expert in marine biological diversity. Her scientific interests include design of marine protected areas, marine spatial planning, invasive alien species and biology of the Baltic Sea zooplankton.

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