NATURE CONCERTHALL | 2009 : Graphis scripta
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2009 : Graphis scripta

Script lichen


It is doubtful whether Graphis scripta will be the first which a person thirsting for knowledge will encounter in a forest. Around us we have so many more noticeable, larger interesting representatives of the lichen world! Nonetheless, when we learn more about them, we discover that most minute and discrete miracles. On the bark of a hazelnut or other tree the scripts that the Graphis scripta creates is one of these miracles – if only we knew how to read what he writes! With his small, dark hierogliphs, he writes letters to us on the barks of trees and tell us that the damp woods around him are a highly valuable biotope and, possibly we will see rare species here, so – be careful! Surely there are other things that graphis scripta wants to tell us as well – one just needs to open one’s mind to understand. Who knows – maybe in the ancient times the oracle used graphis scripta like a deck of cards to tell the future, to provide some wisdom ….


04.07.2009. from 19:30
Venue: In the pine wood near the bus stop “Bērzs” not far from Strenči.

11.07.2009. from 19:30
Venue: In the pine wood at Vilku hills near Daugmale in the Ogre region.

1st part from 19:30.
Interactive workshops and trail about lichen and forests.
2nd part from 21:00.
Discussion between the Eduards Švāns and scientists.
3rd part from 21:40.
Music and light performance.

NARRATOR: Sandra Bērziņa, Viesturs Lārmanis, Pēters Brūveris, Eduards Švāns.
Roberts Rubīns, Oskars Timbars, Andris Soms
MUSIC: Aigars Voitišķis, Ingus Ulmanis, Gints Sola, Kaspars Tobis, Anrijs Grinbergs, Roberts Rasa, Valdis Muktupāvels, Māra Muktupāvela, Džuliāns.



I’m a biologist. Working for 25 years in national governance structures on nature conservation – currently as the Head of the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia.

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viesturs larmanis


Works as a nature protection expert in different nature inspection, valuation and education projects. My main place of work is the Latvian Nature Foundation. I have been connected to the lichen theme working looking for natural forests

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