NATURE CONCERTHALL | 2008 : Hydropsyche instabilis
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2008 : Hydropsyche instabilis

Caddis fly


Larvae of Caddis fly Hydropsyche instabilis are typical dwellers of fast flowing streams, where they spin nets to filter drifting food material from the water. After spending 1 – 2 years in water Caddis fly metamorphosis for pupal stage which lasts for some 2 weeks. After those weeks pupa crawls on to the coastal weeds and metamorphose for adult flying specimen which lives for about a month. During life time in water they need high oxygen saturation and therefore as well are indicators of good water quality.
Hydropsyche instabilis in translation means “Instable soul of the water” and perfectly reflects the concept of the Nature Concert Hall aiming to unite science, poetry and music to reveal different aspects of Nature in our life.

Water is essential and self understandable part of our life. Nevertheless, as it is recorded by European Environmental Agency, each fifth waterbody in Europe cant cope with everyday hyman needs and only most resistent aquatic dwellers can live there. Eutrophication and sedimentation processes are important as well for waters in Latvia. Due to excess nutrients rivers and lakes are overgrowing with water plants. Sediments brought from the catchment are clogging rivers. About 100 000 beavers are worsening situation by building dams and creating local flooding risks.


25.07.2008. from 21:30
Venue: Salacgrīva, Kuiķule near the Liv ceremonial caves on the banks of the river Svētupe

01.08.2008. from 21:30
Venue: Valmiera city park, on the bank of the river Gauja

NARRATOR: Pēters Brūveri, Eduards Švāns
 Mārtiņš Kalniņš, Jānis Urtāns, Otars Opermanis, Andris Soms, Pēteris Ķimelis
MUSIC: Aigars Voitišķis, Ingus Ulmanis, Gints Sola, Kaspars Tobis, Ketta (Jekaterina Sarigina), Anrijs Grinbergs, Roberts Rasa and Mārtiņš Strautnieks (Martinez Ginzalez).

andris urtans


I am a hydrobiologist. Activities deals with elaboration and implementation of practical low cost methods for renovation of streams for Climate change mitigation and water quality improvement.

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I am a hydrobiologist. Author of 15 scientifical publications. More than 20 years involved in educational activities, including elaboration of Educational books.

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